Studio Concrete Exhibition

September, 2016

Studio Concrete too, observed the expansion of consciousness as the psychedelic had. The human consciousness is also capable of expansion; to perceive both material and immaterial, to sense the perpetually expanding nature of space-time. That is to say, we are beings of organic coexistences; of the material external world, perceivable through the five senses, and the immaterial inner world, formless and pertaining to the mind. Yet this 'system of human consciousness' is subjected to external stimuli that invokes defense mechanisms both instinctive and learned, developing into a lopsided system. This bias causes the human conscious to focus only on the material values, perpetuating a vicious cycle of external orientation. Studio Concrete will be much more profound than a limited and conventional presentation of the psychedelic in its concepts. Rather than a genre-representative approach, Studio Concrete will draw nearer to the essence of the psychedelic through multi-faceted and in-depth interpretations. Through such careful approach we will explore what it means to be conscious of the immaterial world and how such a world might exist in an actual and continuous state. We will also probe and diagnose the generative process of an antithetic material-oriented world, to ask the question of coexistence within the human mind. Our power of will originates from a desire. The desire is to consider the boundless possibilities of the individual 'human world' and their agglomerated human society, then through it seek the archetypal being and order for the conscious world formed around the inevitable humanness, ultimately pursuing a balanced 'ideal for human progress' for mankind's culture. This <Psychedelic Infinity, World Unbound; 無限世界> exhibition, we will be exploring those ideas across three parts: "Synthesized Subliminals; Gradual Boundaries", "Inner Something", and "Eye Back". "Synthesized Subliminals; Gradual Boundaries" was co-planned by Hojun Song(artist also famous for first successful private satellite launch), and Guru Shin (Idiotape's frontman), with a total 7 artists collaborating, including EDM artists Greye, Damirat, Soolee, poet Jinmok Yu, and Jiwon Vark, a dilettante layman. The improvised performance of professional musicians using a synthesizer module hinges off the average person's input as a variable catalyst. The irregular flow of thoughts and the amusing phenomena resulting from it are observed from the poetic perspective of Mok, written in text through free literary style. The comprehensive records of the pre-exhibition are presented as a video-installation at the actual exhibition, assembled back together. Through it, visitors will perceive an externally-projected world, and such a world's expansion. Furthermore, they will witness a unitized 'one world' composed of individual worlds within the comprehensive world. "Inner Something" participated by artist E Hyun Joon, chose to perceive external stimuli through will and intention, that can consciously through human endeavor, enter a 'manifested world'. The artist's experience of entering the next level in art education was linked to the psychedelic experience of reaching another dimension. That moment of ingress was expressed in a geometric sculpture, combined with images on flat planes, in the style of a conceptual installation. Such an artistic attitude is relevant to 'willfully expanding' the perceptive capacity for the immaterial, suggesting the potential of it. The wall separates the in and the out within an infinite world of the whole, and the window somehow gives perspective of a visual distinguishment between the concepts of inside and outside. In "Eyes Back", Seoul and London based creative director Jae Huh draws attention to the gap and boundary between the inner world and outer world, the material world and the immaterial world. Visual representation of the psychedelic is projected upon a window, symmetrically positioned against to another video installation that incorporates a familiar animation character into a psychedelic image. The intentional juxtaposition compels the viewer's perception of the boundary to take many different angles. Through this exhibition, Studio Concrete unquestionably unravels the currency, the present-ness of artistic outcome. Visitors are asked to squarely face the imperfect perfection in artwork, question what value art holds, and establish a stance most artistic to be sustained. All corresponding willful movements will be recognized as comprehensive artistic activity, emphasizing an infinite world, a world unbound as explored in this exhibition and similar art experiments.


FOUNDER Uhm Hongsik

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