Camper Together Store

Collaboration with Camper 
Jae Huh & Co. invited as guest designer to design Camper Together store at Starfield Hanam in Korea.

Gou Talk by Peggy Gou at Printworks London

Live Visual for Peggy Gou
Jae Huh works with Peggy Gou in various creative projects. Gou Talk is a music event, Peggy curate DJ line-up.



MLH is an artistic project group consist of photographer Mok Jungwook, Sculptor Wonwoo Lee, and creative direcor Jae Huh. EXIT was a show about MLH’s road trip from LA - New York

Musée de Kakao Friends

Art works and Exhibition Graphic Design 
Jae Huh & Co. create 20 artworks and design exhibition graphics for Musée de Kakao Friends.

This exhibition was directed and curated by DAELIM Museum.

Chronology at Tate Britain

Chronology Installation
Jae Huh developed a large-scale timekeeping installation for ‘Late At Tate: Chronology’ at Tate Britain. Inspired by and responding to the curatorial theme of chronology, the projection filled the end wall of the vast Duveen Gallery. The visuals were mapped in real-time onto the stone surfaces of the arch, fully augmenting the piece within the structure of the building...

The Power Changes at Tate Britain

For the Late at Tate Britain October event, two long time collaborators, Jae Huh and Ronin Cho worked together to create a 10 minutes video titled ‘The Power Changes’ to be projected on the north west side of the octagon. Through the work the duo shows the status changes of the power of portrait by time...

Shake Shack® Goyang Starfield

Commissioned artworks for Shake Shack® Goyang Starfield, 2017
10 metre wide Canvas + digital medial Art work and Video intallation

Stereo Vinyls® AW 2017 

Anybody Out There?
In collaboration with International Space Archive®
Photography by Mok Jungwook

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