May, 2017
Create with Jean Jullien

NouNou is a lable create with French graphic artist Jean Jullien.

Text by Jean Jullien

-How the idea for Nou Nou came about

Jae and I met in 2006 when  we studied together at Central Saint Martins. We immediately collaborated on a mini series of tshirts and sweatshirts screen printed at school. We were shooting the catalogue and having quite a lot with it. We continued teaming up on a lot of projects at school and were using these to do more and more playful series of clothing. One was a series of embroidered jumpers called "After School" that was taking elements from the school and magnifying them (photo attached). I went on to the RCA and Jae pursued his path in interaction design and started his brand StereoVinyls. The friendship remained and he offered a collaboration in the form of a collection for Stereo in 2016 that was made of a series of minimal faces. We had a lot of fun making it and found the same energy we had at school, bouncing ideas. We decided to keep that creative freedom by creating a label called Nounou that would be a platform for us to experiment and release material. Clothing stemming from the Stereo collection, with these minimal faces as the backbone but also Toys, Rugs, exhibitions, etc. The idea wasn't necessarily to create a brand but more of a "creative label".

-Why it's called NouNou
Jae has a daughter named Naye that calls my son Lou "Loulou" but it sounds like "Nounou". It also sounds like a double "Nous", the french word for "US".

-What the plans are for the clothing collection.

We are working on a spring/summer clothing collection as well as a series of new Rugs and toys and a double show in Seoul. We try to be as careful as possible as to how things are made so Jae monitors it from Korea for the collections released there. Our ambition would be to make the items as much as possible in the countries where they are made. So for now it's in Korea but I'd love to partner with makers in France and the UK. We'll see how and when we can make it happen but it's in the plans. We'll do some items for children as they are what inspired us at first but we're also aiming at a series of playful objects that are between household items and toys.

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