Chronographics at Tate

Chronographics Installation
Clay developed a large-scale timekeeping installation for ‘Late At Tate: Chronology’ at Tate Britain.

Inspired by and responding to the curatorial theme of chronology, the projection filled the end wall of the vast Duveen Gallery.
The visuals were mapped in real-time onto the stone surfaces of the arch, fully augmenting the piece within the structure of the building.

Shifting in form over the duration of the evening, the installation offers a selection of visual references to significant artworks and artists found throughout the Tate’s collection.
Details of frames, architectural elements and signage are explored and drawn upon whilst playful animations acknowledge how clocks and time have been represented
in artworks for half a century.

Role: Creative Direction, Art works, Design, Development.

tate_0000_Layer 9

tate_0001_Layer 8

tate_0002_Layer 7

tate_0003_Layer 6

tate_0004_Layer 5

tate_0005_Layer 2

tate_0006_Layer 3

tate_0007_Layer 1