Atmosphere: Exploring climate science @ Science Museum

Science Museum, December 2010.
Role: Software development (Graphic design, Programming)

More about this project visit:


Climate System
With real-time 3D and a proprietary gesture based interface, Climate System explains the science behind the unique set of conditions which
determine the different climate and weather conditions we experience around the world.


Cut the Carbon
Cut The Carbon is a multi-screen game where visitors are encouraged to reduce carbon emissions. Quick responses are required to succeed in
this fast paced game where CO2 has to be reduced by the year 2050 to avoid disaster.


Modelling the Future
Climate models are used by many different people to predict the impacts of global warming.
Modelling the Future invites you to help characters from different walks of life find out what may happen to their environment under
different emission scenarios.


What Else is Changing
Camera tracking is used to create an interactive pixel mirror, where your gestures control the exploration of environmental changes
that are taking place around the world.


What’s Causing The Warming?
Using augmented reality and a book interface, What’s Causing The Warming? employs a series of pop-up animations to explore the
evidence behind the most likely causes of the increasing temperature.